Faculty of Bioengineering

Gert Cauwenberghs

The focus of our research is on cross-cutting advances at the interface between in vivo and in silico neural information processing.

Karen Christman

The Christman lab is interested in multi-scale, interdisciplinary approaches for regenerative medicine and biomaterials, with a main focus on the treatment of myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Todd Coleman

Todd P. Coleman received the B.S. degrees in electrical engineering (summa cum laude), as well as computer engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2000, along with the M.S. and Ph... more

Francisco Contijoch

The Contijoch lab aims to improve evaluation of the heart and pulmonary vasculature by developing novel imaging techniques. We develop novel image acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis strategies for CT, MRI, and... more

Adam Engler
The Engler lab is an interdisciplinary research group using multiple stem cells (embryonic, adult, and induced pluripotent) and model systems (mice, rats, flies, monkeys) to... more
Andrew McCulloch

Our research focus is on the mechanics and electrical dynamics of the normal and diseased heart from molecular to organ scales.

In spite of these successes, there remained unmet opportunities at UCSD. In 2005... more

Elliot McVeigh

In the Cardiovascular Imaging Lab (CViL) we develop new scanning protocols, hardware, and image analysis methods to diagnose and treat heart disease.  Using both MRI and CT, we have been successful in creating... more

Christian Metallo

The Metallo Lab applies systems biology approaches to study metabolic pathways in mammalian cells, with a focus on understanding metabolic regulation in cancer cells and stem cells.  Metabolism encompasses the... more

Robert Sah

The goal of the Cartilage Tissue Engineering Laboratory is to use and advance bioengineering in order to better prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries of cartilage.

Gabriel Silva

Our lab's goal is to understand cell signaling and information processing in biological cellular neural networks in the brain and retina.

Daniela Valdez-Jasso

Dr. Valdez-Jasso’s research group focuses on soft-tissue biomechanics and multi-scale mathematical modeling of organ and tissue function, particularly as they pertain to understanding the ventriculo-vascular... more

Yingxiao Wang

Dr. Wang’s research includes the development of genetically-encoded molecule biosensors based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and the application of these biosensors for the visualization and... more

Sheng Zhong

Sheng obtained a Ph.D. in Biostatistics at Harvard University. He worked at Stanford University as a visiting scholar. He worked at University of Illinois as an assistant professor, an... more