Faculty of Biological Sciences

Kenta Asahina

We use the Drosophila model organisms to study the genetic and neural mechanisms underlying social interactions. The primary goal of my laboratory is to understand the genetic and neural mechanisms that... more

Matthew Banghart

Our lab seeks to understand how neuromodulators functionally reconfigure neural circuits to shape goal-oriented behavior and pain perception. Our multidisciplinary approach relies on electrophysiological, optical and... more

Brenda Bloodgood

The goal of our lab is to understand how neuronal computations change in response to an animal’s interactions with the environment.

Shelley Halpain

The Halpain lab uses multi-scale approaches to investigate neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Subcellular imaging is used to track the behavior and function of... more

Takaki Komiyama

Animals constantly modify their behavior through experience. Flexible behavior is key to our ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Our laboratory is interested in studying the activity of neuronal... more

Terrence Sejnowski

The goal of my laboratory is to discover the principles linking brain mechanisms and behavior.

Nick Spitzer

Our lab investigates the role of electrical activity in gene expression in the developing and adult nervous system.

Jing Wang

How is olfactory information represented and processed in the fly central nervous system? This question is the main driving force for research in the Wang lab.