Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

Adah Almutairi

The Almutairi lab is highly interdisciplinary, utilizing and expanding current knowledge in nanotechnology, polymer science, and chemistry. Specifically, they develop novel smart polymers that degrade into small... more

Pieter Dorrestein

Most microbes live as a microbial consortium where they interact with neighboring organisms through the secretion of signaling molecules and through other metabolic interactions.

Sylvia Evans

Dr. Evans’ research focuses on defining genetic pathways underlying heart development and to apply that understanding to both congenital and adult heart disease.

Michael Gilson

Our long-term interest is to speed the design of biomedically useful targeted molecules, including drugs and functional host-guest systems, by developing a better understanding of the physical determinants of binding... more

David Gonzalez

Our primary research goal is to provide therapeutic leads for the treatment of microbial infections. As a post-antibiotic era is upon mankind, it is imperative to elucidate new treatment avenues to combat the... more

Tracy Handel

Chemokines are critical mediators of leukocyte cell migration during routine immune surveillance, lymphocyte development and homing, and inflammation.

Miles Wilkinson

Our laboratory primarily works on two topics: (1) transcriptional regulatory pathways that control embryonic stem cell and germ cell development in vivo, and (2) RNA surveillance pathways that serve as quality-... more

Jin Zhang

Our ultimate goal is to understand how cells, the basic units of life, sense changing environments and orchestrate specific responses to carry out life processes. Recent years have seen tremendous progress in... more