Students in Training

Students of Bioengineering

Tatsuya Arai

Alum Tatsuya Arai completed Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2013.  Dissertation "In Vivo Biomechanics of Human Pulmonary Circulation"

Amran Asadi

MD/PhD scholar Amran Asadi completed the Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology and conferred the Ph.D. in 2015. He continues training for the MD

Nirupama (Pam) Bhattacharya

Alum, Nirupama (Pam) earned her PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in Fall, 2014.

Britton Boras

Alum Britton Boras earned the PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.  Dissertation "A Multi-Scale Modeling Approach to Understanding PKA Activation in Cardiac Myocytes"

Eric Carruth

I am working on developing and parameterizing models of the biomechanics of the heart. Our group uses diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in the rat heart to describe the fiber and sheet architecture in the ventricles. We... more

Shruti Davey

Alum Shruti Davey completed her degree in 2016-17.  The experimental plan for my research includes three aims: 1) to quantitatively characterize the deformation of the fiber networks within collagen gels during cell... more

Nickolas Forsch

My research airms include: improving the update scheme for coupling the myocyte electromechanics ODEs with the finite element biomechanics PDEs based on the relationship of solution convergence to computational cost... more

Matthew Gonzales

Alum and MD/PhD scholar Dr. Gonzales earned his Ph.D. in 2013, MD in 2015 and is conducting post graduate training at UCLA Medical Center. Thesis title:  Rotor Termination in a Patient-Specific Model of Atrial... more

Valerie Griffeth

Alum and MD/PhD scholar, Dr. Griffeth was awarded the MD in 2015, PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2013.  She is conducting post graduate trraining with Oregon Health and Science University Medicine... more

Jia Guo

Alum Jia Guo earned the PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014

Kara Johnson

High Throughput Profiling of Protein Interactions with Nucleic Acid Barcodes

Amanda Li

Alum Amanda Li completed the PhD Specialization in September, 2016.  Her thesis was Noncovalent Interactions: Evaluation of Computational Methods and Characterization of Molecular Binding

Christopher MacDonald

Alum Christopher MacDonald completed his PhD in 2011, thesis Calcium Dynamics in Astrocytes: From Ocillations to Alzheimer's

Sara McArdle

Alum Sara McArdle earned the PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.

Kimberly McCabe

The major aim of my research project is to use computational simulation to elucidate mechanisms by which dATP aids in myocyte contraction. This process will also help uncover any possible negative side effects of... more

Seth Parker

Alum Seth Parker earned the PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in September of 2016, thesis Regulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism by the LKB1 Tumor.  He has accepted a postdoctoral training... more

Emily Pfeiffer

Alum Emily Pfeiffer was awarded the PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2013.

Justin Plaut

DNA Nanostructure-Decorated Oncolytic Virus: Protecting against Antibody Neutralization and Enhancing Tumor Tropism

Vishwajith Ramesh

Developing a Reliable Stroke Evaluation System with 3D Depth Tracking and Computer Vision

Nikhil Rao

Alum Nikhil Rao earned his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014

Helen Saad

Alum Helen Saad completed her PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2013.

Aaron Simon

Alum and MD/PhD scholar, Dr. Aaron Simon completed his MD in 2016, PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014; and is conducting post graduate training with University of California, Davis Medical Center... more

Jessica Ungerleider

Nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery in peripheral artery disease. 

William Valdez

In collaboration with the cardiac mechanics research group, I plan to comprehensively relate acute physiological responses of cardiomyocytes to longer-term transcriptional regulation of hypertrophy through modeling... more

Christopher Villongco

Alum Christopher Villongco completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology June, 2015.

Kevin Vincent

Alum Kevin Vincent completed the Ph.D. Specialization in Multi-scale Biology in 2016. Thesis:  Structural contributions to fibrillatory rotors in a patient-derived computational model of the atria

Students of Biomedical Sciences

Loren Brown

Alum, Loren Brown completed the Specialization program and conferred his degree in 2014.

Ilean Chai

I will be utilizing techniques from traditiona\ virology, structural biology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and mass spectrometry. I will attempt to sttucturally charactc1izc the interaction between a... more

Samantha Jones

The Antagonistic Gene Paralogs Upf3a and Upf3b Govern Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay

Gleb Martovetsky

Alum, Gleb Mortovetsky earned the Ph.D. Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2016

Devendra Mistry

Alum Devendra Mistry earned the PhD Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2011 with thesis The Mollecular Mechanism Underlying the Gondaotropin Releasing Hormone Pulse Sesitivity of Follicle Stimulating... more

Jonathan Okerblom

Approximately 2-3 million years ago, our human ancestors lost the function of CMAH– a gene that remains fully intact in our most closely related species, the bonobos and chimpanzees (1). CMAH codes... more

Steve Rees

My project currently has three objectives. I will begin by first determining how current POPs interact with P-gp at the molecular level, which will require P-gp co-crystallization with these compounds. From these... more

Eleen Shum

Alum Eleen Shum earned the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.  Dissertation "Physiological Role of the UPF3 in Gene Paralogs in Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay"

Eric Wang

My long term goal is to bridge the gap between molecular and cellular neurobiology with systems-level neuroscience. In particular, I want to understand how biochemical changes in specific subsets of neurons can exert... more

Jacob Wozniak

High-Resolution Cellular Mapping of Host-Pathogen Spaciotemporal Protein Dynamics

Students of Biological Sciences

Evan Campbell

In Dr. Brenda Bloodgood's lab, Evan Campbell investigates cellular mechanisms underlying activity-dependent gene expression in hippocampal neurons and how synaptic activity is communicated to the nucleus.  ... more

Eileen Gonzalez

Cytoskeletal and Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Neuronal Development Influenced by Normal and Excess Glutamate Conditions Using Approaches that Combine Molecular Biology with Advanced Cellular Imaging 

Anna Guzikowski

We aim to study how external, environmental stimuli in the form of stress can exert influence on chemical substrates through modification of RNAs and exert influence on a larger scale via impact upon gene expression... more

Phillip Kyriakakis

Alum Phillip Kyriakakis completed the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Glk1p, an actin-like metabolic enzyme that forms glucose regulated filaments" 

Regina Powers

My thesis project revolves around one such protein, called navigator 1 (NAV1), as it has been shown that it is important in the development of neurons.

Andrew Sher

Three Aims:  Develop tools for 3D spacial mapping of molecules in lab setting; Develop tools for 3D spacial mapping of molecules in wild; and Natural product discovery of rhizosperic and endophytic interactions.

Natalia Slepak

Determine if Npas4 is required for sharpening orientation tuning in the adult; if required for maintaining orientation tuning in adults; and if Npas4 mediated circuit remodeling promotes visual learning.

Nathan (Kannis) Solberg

Alum Nathan Solberg, research is in area of Alzheimer's utilizing a hybrid of cellular, mollecular, systems and computational methods.

Students of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chris Fisher

There are numerous pathways through which influenza A can enter a host cell to begin infection.... more

Dimitrios Floros

Alum Dimitri Floros completed his UCSD degree in 2015-16.  His research project:  develop an agar based co-culture system of plant and soil microbes; use MS-based techniquest to investigate the spatial organization... more

Isaiah Gomez

Alum Isaiah Gomez completed his UCSD degree in 2015-16.  Research Project: to show that large data sets of mass spectra from marine microbial species can be quickly analyzed and known compounds be dereplicated as a... more

Kristofer Haushalter

Alum Kristofer Haushalter completed the PhD with Specialization in Multi-scale Biology in Dec 2016, thesis "Mechanisms for Non-canonical PKA Signaling Regulation in the Heart". 

Alexandra Heyneman

Comparing Ensemble-Averaged and Single Framed Electrostatics for Brownian Dynamics Simulations

Sophia Hirakis

Multi-scale sub-cellular modeling of calcium dynamics in the dyadic cleft of cardiomyocytes using Monte Carlo Simulations

Benjamin Jagger

Drug Target Systems, with two aims:

1.  Calculation of Dissassociation Rates Using SEEKR; and 2.  Implementation of an Accelerated Milestoning Approach.

Chris Lee

My goal is to use multi-scale computational models of viral surfaces to simulate key events in the host-switching process.

Heidi Leonard

Nanostructured porous silicon for drug delivery.

Charles Lin

40% of drug candidates that enter clinical trials fail due to poor permeability through cell membranes. Despite this, a detailed understanding of small molecule and peptide membrane... more

Chi-Wei Man

Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton (LINC) Complex

Daniel Mermelstein

Computing the Cure: Free Energy for the 99%

Vincent Metzger

Alum, Vincent Metzger completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Insights from Molecular Simulations and Multi-Scale Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems"

Jesse Meyer

Alum Jesse Meyer, earned his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.  Dissertation "Novel Proteomics Methods for Increased Sensitivity, Greater Proteome Coverage, and Global Profiling of Endogenous... more

Zhengtao Qin

Alum Qin Zhengtao completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Molecular Imaging Probes for Positive Emission Tomography and Optimal Imaging of Sentinel Lymph Node and Tumor"... more

Andrew Rudd

I aim to develop tools to allow for programmed division of artificial vesicles, an area that is incredibly lacking in the field. To accomplish this, I plan to explore small membrane binding proteins known to induce... more

Reta Sarsam

Biochemical and  Structural Characterization of Fragile X Related Protein 1

Lorilee Tallorin

Alum Lori Tallorin completed her PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2016 (sr).  My research involves redirecting small molecules for malaria: inhibitors of enoyl-ACP reductase for Plasmodium Falciparum... more

Jeff Wagner

I propose to make a scalable data integration tool for structural biology and biophysics

Nathaniel Wood Cohan

Pushing sub-tomogram averaging into plastic: A study of LRRK2, a Parkinson's disease related protein, and its interaction with the cytoskeleton.

Jane Yang

Alum, Jane Yang completed the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2013.  Dissertation, Investigating Microbial Metabolites with Novel Mass Spectrometry Tools.  She is currently a Clinical Chemist.

Students of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Abhay Bangalore

Interfaces student

Ernesto Criado Hidalgo

My current research is focused in developing novel experimental and computational techniques to measure inter-cellular forces during tissue development. Cells can sense their physical surroundings and translate... more

Michael Getz

This proposed plan aims to identify the design principles associated with noncanonical signaling through G-protein coupled receptors

Manuel Gomez

Alum, Manuel Gomez-Gonzalez completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015. Dissertation, One- and Two-Point Particle Tracking Microrheology of Complex Viscoelastic Fluids

Benjamin Regner

Alum, Benjamin Regner earned his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.

Kai Szeto

Alum Kai Szeto earned the M.S. degree in 2014, having researched mechanisms to understand and develop therapies for skeletal functioning.

Students of Neuroscience

Olubankole Aladesuyi Arogundade

Determine the connectivity of VP Cholinergic Neurons; and the role of VP chol. neurons in mediating biochemical responses to stress.

Jeffrey Bush

Multiscale modeling of dendritic branch points involving highly localized and stochastic calcium events called calcium sparks. This is probably critical in dendritic processing and learning.

Paxon Frady

Alum, E. Paxon Frady completed his Ph.D. in 2014 "Activity Mapping the Leech Nervous System"

Tom Gillespie

l plan to conduct research into how to represent, visualize, and organize the incredible diversity of types of data produced in neuroscience. My objective is two-fold. The fist is to make it possible to search and... more

Eulanca Liu

The physiological basis of the blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) signal in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

Anja Payne Higgins

Understanding how Npas4 regulates neuronal spiking in vivo will provide new insights into the mystery of how memory is generated and preserved.

Students of Physics

Jingxin Ye

Alum, Jingxin Ye completed his Ph.D., 2016 "Systematic Annealing Approach for Statistical Data"