Students of Biological Sciences

Evan Campbell

In Dr. Brenda Bloodgood's lab, Evan Campbell investigates cellular mechanisms underlying activity-dependent gene expression in hippocampal neurons and how synaptic activity is communicated to the nucleus.  ... more

Eileen Gonzalez

Cytoskeletal and Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Neuronal Development Influenced by Normal and Excess Glutamate Conditions Using Approaches that Combine Molecular Biology with Advanced Cellular Imaging 

Anna Guzikowski

We aim to study how external, environmental stimuli in the form of stress can exert influence on chemical substrates through modification of RNAs and exert influence on a larger scale via impact upon gene expression... more

Phillip Kyriakakis

Alum Phillip Kyriakakis completed the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Glk1p, an actin-like metabolic enzyme that forms glucose regulated filaments" 

Regina Powers

My thesis project revolves around one such protein, called navigator 1 (NAV1), as it has been shown that it is important in the development of neurons.

Natalia Slepak

Determine if Npas4 is required for sharpening orientation tuning in the adult; if required for maintaining orientation tuning in adults; and if Npas4 mediated circuit remodeling promotes visual learning.

Nathan (Kannis) Solberg

Alum Nathan Solberg, research is in area of Alzheimer's utilizing a hybrid of cellular, mollecular, systems and computational methods.