Students of Biomedical Sciences

Loren Brown

Alum, Loren Brown completed the Specialization program and conferred his degree in 2014.

Ilean Chai

I will be utilizing techniques from traditiona\ virology, structural biology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and mass spectrometry. I will attempt to sttucturally charactc1izc the interaction between a... more

Samantha Jones

The Antagonistic Gene Paralogs Upf3a and Upf3b Govern Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay

Gleb Martovetsky

Alum, Gleb Mortovetsky earned the Ph.D. Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2016

Devendra Mistry

Alum Devendra Mistry earned the PhD Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2011 with thesis The Mollecular Mechanism Underlying the Gondaotropin Releasing Hormone Pulse Sesitivity of Follicle Stimulating... more

Jonathan Okerblom

Approximately 2-3 million years ago, our human ancestors lost the function of CMAH– a gene that remains fully intact in our most closely related species, the bonobos and chimpanzees (1). CMAH codes... more

Steve Rees

My project currently has three objectives. I will begin by first determining how current POPs interact with P-gp at the molecular level, which will require P-gp co-crystallization with these compounds. From these... more

Eleen Shum

Alum Eleen Shum earned the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.  Dissertation "Physiological Role of the UPF3 in Gene Paralogs in Nonsense-Mediated RNA Decay"

Eric Wang

My long term goal is to bridge the gap between molecular and cellular neurobiology with systems-level neuroscience. In particular, I want to understand how biochemical changes in specific subsets of neurons can exert... more

Jacob Wozniak

High-Resolution Cellular Mapping of Host-Pathogen Spaciotemporal Protein Dynamics