Students of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Philip Belzeski

To follow. 

Chris Fisher

Chris earned his PhD in 2019.  His research summary: there are numerous pathways through which... more

Dimitrios Floros

Alum Dimitri Floros completed his UCSD degree in 2015-16.  His research project:  develop an agar based co-culture system of plant and soil microbes; use MS-based techniquest to investigate the spatial organization... more

Ximena Garcia Arceo

To follow. 

Isaiah Gomez

Alum Isaiah Gomez completed his UCSD degree in 2015-16.  Research Project: to show that large data sets of mass spectra from marine microbial species can be quickly analyzed and known compounds be dereplicated as a... more

Kristofer Haushalter

Alum Kristofer Haushalter completed the PhD with Specialization in Multi-scale Biology in Dec 2016, thesis "Mechanisms for Non-canonical PKA Signaling Regulation in the Heart". 

Alexandra Heyneman

Comparing Ensemble-Averaged and Single Framed Electrostatics for Brownian Dynamics Simulations

Sophia Hirakis

Alum Sophia Hirakis earned her PhD in 2019.  She conducted and successfully defended her research: Multi-scale sub-cellular modeling of calcium dynamics in the dyadic cleft of cardiomyocytes using Monte Carlo... more

Shayna Holness

To follow. 

Benjamin Jagger

Drug Target Systems, with two aims:

1.  Calculation of Dissassociation Rates Using SEEKR; and 2.  Implementation of an Accelerated Milestoning Approach.

Chris Lee

My goal is to use multi-scale computational models of viral surfaces to simulate key events in the host-switching process.

Heidi Leonard

Nanostructured porous silicon for drug delivery.

Calvin Lin

To follow. 

Charles Lin

40% of drug candidates that enter clinical trials fail due to poor permeability through cell membranes. Despite this, a detailed understanding of small molecule and peptide membrane... more

Chi-Wei Man

Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton (LINC) Complex

Daniel Mermelstein

Dan Mermelstein, alum as of June, 2018, completed his dissertation titled Improvements and Applications of Alchemical Free Energy, Constant pH and Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Calculations in the AMBER Molecular... more

Vincent Metzger

Alum, Vincent Metzger completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Insights from Molecular Simulations and Multi-Scale Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems"

Jesse Meyer

Alum Jesse Meyer, earned his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015.  Dissertation "Novel Proteomics Methods for Increased Sensitivity, Greater Proteome Coverage, and Global Profiling of Endogenous... more

Sirish Narayanan

To follow. 

Zhengtao Qin

Alum Qin Zhengtao completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Molecular Imaging Probes for Positive Emission Tomography and Optimal Imaging of Sentinel Lymph Node and Tumor"... more

Kartik Lakshmi Rallapalli

Many-Body representation of base-editing CRISPR-Cas9

The goal of my research is to use multi-scale computational simulation models to study the structural and energetic changes induced due to specific... more

Mia Rosenfeld

To follow. 

Andrew Rudd

I aim to develop tools to allow for programmed division of artificial vesicles, an area that is incredibly lacking in the field. To accomplish this, I plan to explore small membrane binding proteins known to induce... more

Reta Sarsam

Biochemical and  Structural Characterization of Fragile X Related Protein 1

Christian Seitz

Valuable work has been done linking smaller scale biological simulation programs, but much less work has been done on larger scale... more

Lorilee Tallorin

Alum Lori Tallorin completed her PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2016 (sr).  My research involves redirecting small molecules for malaria: inhibitors of enoyl-ACP reductase for Plasmodium Falciparum... more

Jeff Wagner

I propose to make a scalable data integration tool for structural biology and biophysics

Ryan Weeks

To follow. 

Ashley Wong

To follow. 

Nathaniel Wood Cohan

Alum Nathaniel Wood Cohan conferred his degree in 2013.  His research goal: "Pushing sub-tomogram averaging into plastic: A study of LRRK2, a Parkinson's disease related protein, and its interaction with the... more