Students of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Abhay Bangalore

Interfaces student

Ernesto Criado Hidalgo

My current research is focused in developing novel experimental and computational techniques to measure inter-cellular forces during tissue development. Cells can sense their physical surroundings and translate... more

Michael Getz

This proposed plan aims to identify the design principles associated with noncanonical signaling through G-protein coupled receptors

Manuel Gomez

Alum, Manuel Gomez-Gonzalez completed his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2015. Dissertation, One- and Two-Point Particle Tracking Microrheology of Complex Viscoelastic Fluids

Benjamin Regner

Alum, Benjamin Regner earned his PhD with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.

Kai Szeto

Alum Kai Szeto earned the M.S. degree in 2014, having researched mechanisms to understand and develop therapies for skeletal functioning.