Research Description: 

Our research focus is on the mechanics and electrical dynamics of the normal and diseased heart from molecular to organ scales.

In spite of these successes, there remained unmet opportunities at UCSD. In 2005, UCSD had no interdisciplinary graduate program tied to our significant research strengths in structurally integrated multi-scale analysis of biological function. Research centers and initiatives on campus reflect this strength, including the Center for Research in Biological Systems an organized research unit at UCSD with the mission to promote research on cell structure and function relationships in central nervous system processes, cardiovascular networking, and muscular contraction through multiple scales and modalities. A proposal is now under consideration for a new ORU to be known as the UCSD Trans-Scale Theory Institute, which will “serve as an intellectual center for the coming revolution in biology and medicine that is coming by bringing up to bear all tools from the disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, and physics to the key problems of modern biology. Faculty of this proposed T32 are closely involved in both of these ORUs. Several of the participating faculty also belong to the NIH supported National Biomedical Computation Resource, which develops computational tools for biomedical analysis for quantum. 



Graduate Program: 
Department of Bioengineering
Department of Medicine