Research Description: 

My project currently has three objectives. I will begin by first determining how current POPs interact with P-gp at the molecular level, which will require P-gp co-crystallization with these compounds. From these results, we will determine which POPs from which of the three classes (organochlorine pesticides, PCDDs/PCDFs, and PCBs) have interactions with P-gp's binding pocket, and from there further characterize their affinity for P-gp through Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), cell-based functional assays, and ATPase assays of P-gp. Once interactions with P-gp and POPs have been verified, we will test these same compounds against the homologue of P-gp in T albacares, the yellowfin tuna, to establish evolutionarily conserved binding regions of P-gp that may play a role in POP toxicity both at the marine and human levels, which could also suggest an overall toxin dysregulation as POPs become more concentrated with higher trophic levels.

Graduate Program: 
Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences