Research Description: 

Aim 1: Design and build a two-photon microscope that utilizes both remote focusing (Fig. 2D) [2] and adaptive optics [3] to compensate for optical aberrations created when large axial displacements from the objective’s ideal focal plane are introduced. If successful, this approach will allow simultaneous imaging of distinct networks using two focused lasers separated in depth by over 500 µm within the mouse brain. 

Aim2: Deliver patterned electrical stimulation via custom built multielectrode arrays into the entorhinal cortex (EC), the primary input to the hippocampus, and measure in vivo network activity in both the DG and either CA1 or CA3. I will  ask how information in converging pathways is processed and modifies network activity during learning of these well-defined inputs. Finally, I will build biologically realistic models to understand how changes in the cellular, network, and regional components drive brain plasticity.

Graduate Program: