Research Description: 

Pradipta Ghosh is a physician-scientist with dual training in internal medicine and basic science. She has two major areas of scientific interests, both unified by her passion to dissect and interrogate a eukaryotic cell’s signaling network. First, her group is credited to have revealed how trimeric GTPases are modulated by a novel family of guanine-nucleotide exchange modulators (GEMs); this paradigm is strikingly different from how trimeric-GTPases were previously believed to function in cells. Published and ongoing molecular, structural and systems biology, and molecular imaging studies spearheaded by her lab have confirmed this paradigm and revealed its importance in diseases such as cancers, fibrosis and diabetes. 

In 2018 she launched the Center for Network Medicine (CNM) with the goal to not only reveal the importance of GEMs in health and diseases, but also unravel other molecules like GEMs that support a complete system of network-protocols for cellular communication. The CNM also supports the complete pipeline for network-based target identification and validation through our own Precision Network Medicine initiative, which includes HUMANOID™, a human organoid-based platform. While network-based drug discovery can offer precision in targeting, HUMANOID allows personalized disease-modeling platforms for drug screening. Dr. Ghosh’s overall vision is to drive disruptive research in biology, medicine and engineering using insights from the smallest autonomous unit of decision making, learning and adaptation, the eukaryotic cell.

Graduate Program: 
Biomedical Sciences
Cellular and Molecular Medicine