Research Description: 

Alum Phillip Kyriakakis completed the Ph.D. with Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology in 2014.  Dissertation "Glk1p, an actin-like metabolic enzyme that forms glucose regulated filaments" 

Graduate Program: 
Heparin mimicking polymer promotes myogenic differentiation of muscle progenitor cells Kyriakakis P*, Sangaj N*, Yang D, Chang CW, Arya G, Varghese S (*Equal contribution) Biomacromolecules 2010 Dec 13;11(12):3294-300. ----------- β-arrestin Kurtz inhibits MAPK and Toll signaling in Drosophila development. Tipping M, Kim Y, Kyriakakis P, Tong M, Shvartsman SY and Veraksa A EMBO J. 2010 Oct 6;29(19):3222-35.----------- Tandem affinity purification in Drosophila: the advantages of the GS-TAP system Kyriakakis P, Tipping M, Abed L, Veraksa A Fly 2:4, 229-235; July/August 2008.
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