Students in the Interfaces training Program enroll in three or more of six hands-on graduate laboratory courses taught by interdisciplinary teams of faculty members who will introduce students to state-of-the-art techniques studying living systems across physical scales from molecules to the whole organism. These labs introduce students to multi-scale techniques for measuring, imaging, manipulating and analyzing living systems.

The laboratory courses have been designed to train students for modern research opportunities in integrative, multi-scale, biomedical science. An important goal of the Interfaces Graduate Training Program is not only to provide state-of-the-art interdisciplinary training but also to expose students to the language, culture, and technology of other disciplines and help them become effective cross-disciplinary collaborators and leaders.  Courses taken toward the degree should be taken for a letter grade.

Hands-on  Technology-Centered Graduate Laboratory Courses

Course Title Course # Quarter Offered
Numerical Analysis for Multi-Scale Biology BENG / CHEM / MATH / PHARM 276 Winter
Supramolecular Complex Characterization BENG / CHEM / BIOM 283 Spring
Magnetic Resonance Imaging BENG / RAD 278 Winter
Tissue Engineering BENG 277 / BIOM 287 Winter
Multiscale Neurodynamics BENG / BGGN 260 Fall
Molecular Imaging and Quantitation in Living Cells BENG 235 Spring